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The G Spot Roadmap

Ohh the fabled G spot – how you elude (some of) us. The G spot is basically like Bigfoot. People constantly speculate on whether or not it actually exists because they haven’t experienced it first person. Well I’m here to tell you that YES it does exist and knowing what/where …

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The Case for Not Watching Internet Porn

Sacrilege! No porn?  Why?? Sure, a little porn here and there isn’t a bad thing – but a quick internet search will show you that porn addiction is a legit concern.  There are message boards dedicated to the subject where you’ll easily find countless of men in their early 20s who have porn …

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Sexual Consent

I’m gonna take a quick minute here and talk about consent.  I feel like it’s really important to touch upon this subject considering I write a sex blog geared at making you a better sexual partner.  So far, we have a few posts dedicated to transitioning into a sexual experience …

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The Importance of Kissing

Ask any girl “how important is it to you that a guy be a good kisser?” and you’ll get a unanimous response:  VERY. Women treat kissing differently than men do – it’s a fact.  To be a good kisser you first really need to understand the female perspective on it. …

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