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About Yours Truly

So, you’re probably wondering –  what gives him the authority to be an expert on the intimacy game?

It all started a long time ago. I took an interest in sexuality at about the age of 12 – why, I can’t really tell you. I remember I would go grocery shopping with my mom and spend the entire time at the store reading through magazines like Men’s Health and Maxim, studying all the articles dedicated to sex.

Mind you, I hadn’t even had sex yet. I was just amazed and enamored by the subject. That’s just me, that’s my personality. Over the next decade plus, I would devour any information regarding dating, attraction, sexuality and sex. I would literally challenge you to name a piece of literature I haven’t read. My appetite for this type of information has been, depending on your perspective, a little unhealthy.

But the good news is:

I’ve read it all, so you don’t have to

I’ll be blunt here – there is A LOT of bullshit out there. There are thousands of con artists trying to pull the wool over your eyes offering “one little mind hack” or “one magic word” that “scientists are trying to cover up because it’s so dangerous” blah blah blah etc etc etc.

I probably don’t have to tell you much more, suffice to say that it’s all bullshit and people are trying to make a quick buck off of you. The dating/sex niche on the internet is an intimidating landscape to navigate, even as someone who has been active in that community for well over a decade.It’s sad, but hey, that’s the internet.

It’s not all bullshit, though. If you sift through the bad, you can definitely find a few good resources. The problem is, it takes time and experience to understand and differentiate between the “too good to be true” quick-fixes, and the tried and true, proven concepts and techniques.

That’s where I come in. I’ve gone through the painstaking task of searching for those diamonds in the rough; I’ve distilled them down into their core concepts and present them to you, on Beast In Bed, with no frills or bullshit attached.

I’m here to provide you with value and make you a better lover and a better person, period. I’m a real person, and I listen to / encourage constructive feedback. If you ever need clarification on a subject I touch upon, or want to see an article on something I may not have yet touched upon, you can always reach me at Jax@BeastInBed.com



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