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Secret Erogenous Zones to Drive Her Crazy

Erogenous zones – Heard about em? Probably.

Know what they are, how to find them, and how to stimulate them? Now we’re talking.

Let’s get into the subject and start learning you a thing or two.

What is an Erogenous Zone?


The term Erogenous comes from the Greek word eros “love” and English -genous “producing” from Greek -genes “born”. Taken literally, it’s an area that produces, or births “love”. More practically however, it is an area of the human body that has heightened sensitivity, the stimulation of which may generate a sexual response, such as relaxation, the production of sexual fantasies, sexual arousal and orgasm – yessah! The sensitivity of each spot will vary from person to person and vary given the concentration of nerve endings in each location.

There are some pretty obvious ones that you probably already know about, so let’s go ahead and get those out of the way before we dive into the lesser known ones.

The Layups:



Pretty much every part of the vagina is an erogenous zone simply due to the incredibly dense concentration of nerve endings down there. It’s a goddamn hot-zone, and no area should be ignored – the labia majora and minora are both highly sensitive, as is the clitoris (click here for a post dedicated entirely to the clit). Once you enter the vagina, you can also stimulate the G spot (here’s another article written all about it).

The key to highly sensitive areas such as the labia majora/minora and the clit is to start off with very light touch. Remember, these erogenous zones by definition have a ton of nerve endings in them, so you don’t need to go all crazy town in stimulating them. Less is always more.

Inner Thighs:


Not rocket science that a woman’s inner thighs are extremely sensitive, especially given how close this spot is to her vagina – which is basically a crazy-nerve-ending-disco-party. This is a really fun one to build up arousal and send goosebumps down her spine. Again, light touch with your finger tips, lips or tongue is the way to go.



This one really shouldn’t come as a surprise – the nipple and the surrounding flesh (areola) are huge erogenous zones on a woman. The sensitivity of the nipple/areola varies a lot from person to person, but the potential for getting a woman extremely aroused by stimulating this area is always there.

Don’t’ just attack her boobs like some sort of animal – during foreplay it’s best to slowly lead into this area. That means using your fingertips (lightly!) or lips/tongue (again, lightly!) on the surrounding areas before going for the gusto. Start at the base of her breast and trace small, slow circles, spiraling up towards her nipple. When you get there, wait for a few seconds before *barely* dragging a finger or a lip across her nipple.  If you’ve done the move correctly, her nipples will be so heightened with sensitivity that the lightest touch will feel incredible.  Experiment with how light you can go and the reactions you’ll get.. it’s pretty amazing shit.



Again, not really reinventing the wheel over here with this one – it’s basically neighbors with the vagina, so of course it’s going to be right up there with sensitive areas.  Now we’re talking 2 zones here – the outer zone – which is basically comprised of her butt cheeks, and the inner zone – which is made up of her butt-hole and the area around it.  Let’s address each separately:

Outer Area – the butt cheeks can take some firm stimulation.  Use a kneading technique where you grab her butt cheeks at the bottom, squeeze firmly and lift it, then release.  You’re dealing with an area that is mostly fat and muscle, so be a bit more decisive in your touch, but don’t squeeze too hard.  The pressing/lifting move is massage-like in its stimulation and because of it’s proximity to her vagina will arouse her.

Inner Area  – Ok, now this is tricky.  Not every woman has experienced having her butt hole stimulated.  Some are very much against the idea because it makes them feel dirty – there’s not much you can/should do if it makes a woman feel uncomfortable.  If she’s not into it, she’s just not into it – drop it and move on.  As a rule of thumb, if you’re experimenting with stimulating this area for the first time or with a new person, always do it in tandem with another erogenous zone.  The obvious choice here is to do it while playing with her vagina – while performing oral sex on her, lubricate a finger and slowly explore the area just around her butt hole applying light pressure.  You will know very quickly if she is into it or not.  If she lets you, continue on and stimulate her ass (literally!) directly – remember to keep your finger lubricated.  If you’ve gotten all green lights so far and are feeling brave (I would really caution you about this next part – it can be a huge turn off to a girl, so proceed at your own risk), you can attempt some light penetration here – only go in about to your first knuckle – and don’t rush it.  The faster/rougher you are the more likely she is to call you off.  Sad times.

Alright, so those are the basics – pretty much everyone knows about them, and stimulating these areas on a girl won’t really blow her away because everyone does it.  The way you go about stimulating her could separate you from the others, but if you really want to stand out…

Check out these next lesser known, secret erogenous zones:

Forearm/Inner Elbow/Inner Wrist/Behind the Knee:


I’m specifically talking about the skin on the inner part of her forearm, the skin on the inside of her wrist, and the skin at the crease of her elbow and back of the knee.

These are very different locations, but I’m grouping them together because they’re all stimulated in roughly the same way.  You are nearly guaranteed to get a goose-bump filled reaction if you use an extremely light touch on these areas.  Again, use a finger or your lips / tongue, tracing small patterns on these areas.  If you choose to use your hands to provide the stimulus, it’s a really good idea to amplify the stimulation by using your mouth on another spot.



The neck part is pretty Erogenous Zone 101 – so that one you should already know about, but the other 2 here you might not be as familiar with.  The nape is the area at the back of the neck, where a mother lion would carry her cubs by.  This area is extremely sensitive to touch, and better yet to a slight, gentle tug during kissing.  Which brings us to the next area, the scalp.  The scalp can be stimulated either directly through touch like a scalp massage, or by a gentle tug as well.

The reason these 3 are grouped is because they’re best stimulated together.  For example, slide a hand behind her head while kissing and it’s pretty easy to see how you can transition between a slight hair tug, to massaging her nape or tugging the hair on it and you can do this all while kissing/biting her neck.  Mixing and matching stimulating these three is very easy because they’re all so close together and you can use your mouth on her neck.  I wouldn’t recommend using your mouth on her nape or scalp though… that’s just weird.



The ears are a great, lesser known erogenous zone that can really dial up the arousal if you stimulate them correctly.  This zone could have been included in the group above, as you can easily stimulate the ears once you are already working on the neck, but I wanted to break it out separately because the way you stimulate it is quite different.

When stimulating the ear, focus on the external ear (the lobe) versus doing anything remotely near the interior of the ear.  Don’t blow in her ear – that’s odd and off-putting.  Instead, while working her neck with kisses/soft nibbling, whisper something softly into her ear ( make it something sexy like “I want you so bad right now” not “I would love a sandwich right now”… why would you say that?), and then gently pinch her ear lobe between your lips and tug softly while returning back to her neck.  The point here is that almost no one is going to pay attention to this erogenous zone, so just going there will put you ahead of most dudes – just be sure to not overdo it, keep it quick and soft.



I guarantee you didn’t know about this one, and further, there’s a 99% chance that if you stimulate her spine correctly she will have never thought it was an erogenous zone either.  Treat the entire length of her spine as an erogenous zone – after all, all of the nerves in her body eventually make it back to the spinal cord which is housed inside of the spine.

To stimulate it, with her on her stomach (during a massage is best), start at her nape (referenced above), massaging it gently and slowly trace down the length of her spine with a finger one each side, making your way inch-by-inch to the top of her butt (another erogenous zone).  Float back and forth between these two and read her body language / listen to her breathing and be sure to pause at any area that you see a positive response from.



I know, you’re probably thinking “wtf? Armpits? Really Jax??”  But before you jump to conclusions, let’s stop and think, Judgey McJudgerson.  Ears, inner thighs, behind the knee, etc etc – these are all areas that are ticklish – and putting 2 and 2 together shouldn’t be difficult – they’re ticklish areas because of the sensitivity caused by the high concentration of nerve endings.  If you engage one of these areas with sexual intent versus playful tickling, you can illicit a sexual response versus laughing.  It sounds a little complicated, but I promise it’s as simple as your intent.  Don’t act like a goofball when you’re stimulating it, and it won’t be viewed as an attempt to tickle her.

As an example of how you might stimulate her underarms, imagine she’s on her back and you’re straddling her waist.  Assuming she’s topless, place her arms above her head, and then slowly drag your fingertips down the outsides of her arms, down her tricep area, across her under arm zone and down the sides of her rib cage.  Don’t stop and dilly-dally in her under arm area, because that’s likely to make her laugh/uncomfortable.  Just pass through casually and move down to her ribcage and down to her hips.



Just when you thought the erogenous zones couldn’t get any weirded, good ol’ gamblin’ Jax breaks out the feet.  Listen, borrowing from the logic above, the feet are ticklish because they have a ton of nerve endings in them.  Some women are turned on by having their feet massaged or (brace for it) kissed and licked/sucked.  I’m not saying you should go ahead and launch right for your next hook up’s tootsies and nom nom nom… but it’s something to think about/consider.  That being said, a lot of women are completely turned off by anything feet – related, so tread with caution.

I dunno man, ask if she’s into a foot massage and then give her one, I guess.  Know that asking about her feet might turn her off if she thinks you have a foot fetish.  I mostly wanted to include this here in case you ever encounter a chick who is really into foot stuff, at least you will have read about it here first.  Whew.



Yes, ladies and gentleman, I saved the best for last.  Lips.  It might seem so basic as to seem completely obvious – but stimulating a woman’s lips via amazing kissing is still your absolute #1 erogenous zone, hands down.  Kissing is all too often neglected and treated as a means to an end.  Paying attention to her lips continuously throughout the entire sexual experience will earn you bonus points galore.  I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it until I’m goddamn blue in the face.  NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF BEING A GOOD KISSER.  I’m not bullshitting you guys, ask any girl – it’s legit.

I’m not going to go into how to kiss a girl the right way, seeing as though I’ve written a whole goddamn book on it.  The link to download it follows this post.  Enter your email and receive it absolutely free (be sure to confirm your email address – check your spam folder).

Alright guys  – I know that was a bit of a lengthy post compared to most of my others, but there was a lot of subject matter to cover.  I want to point something out here – most average dudes are going to ignore most, if not all of these secret erogenous zones – that’s great news for you.  However, you’ll only rack up all the bonus points if you know what you’re doing when you go to these special, little-known places.  So make sure you re-read this post a few times before you actually put the points here into action.  As always, if you have any questions at all, I’m available at Jax@BeastInBed.com





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