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The G Spot Roadmap


Ohh the fabled G spot – how you elude (some of) us. The G spot is basically like Bigfoot. People constantly speculate on whether or not it actually exists because they haven’t experienced it first person. Well I’m here to tell you that YES it does exist and knowing what/where it is and how to work it is an absolutely critical skill to have in your arsenal.

Ok, so maybe the G spot is literally nothing like Bigfoot, whatever.

What is it?

The G spot is an area of spongy tissue the shape of a bean and about the size of a quarter, also known as the paraurethral gland – basically the female version of the prostate.  It’s called the G spot because it was “discovered” by German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg.  When stimulated correctly the G spot can lead to intense sexual arousal and powerful (unique from clitoral) orgasms, which can potentially result in female ejaculation.

How do I find it?

Alright, so the G spot is usually (everyone is different, dummy) 2 inches inside the vaginal opening, on the front side of her body below her stomach, just behind her pelvic bone. That’s the same plane of her body as her belly button, in case you’re confused. It’s ok, I won’t judge.  It has a similar texture to the roof of your mouth right behind the front teeth.  It’s sort of ribbed, for her pleasure, get it?


No? Ok, moving on. Now that you’ve found it…

What do I do with this thing?

First, let’s cover what NOT to do: Don’t just rush in. The last thing you want to do is try and insert your finger(s) into her if she’s not ready – you could hurt her and totally turn her off – don’t be a jerk, jerk.

Warm her up, first and foremost.  Light rubbing of her clit will do the trick.  Use 3 fingers (index through ring) to rub her through her clitoral hood. Don’t attack the clit directly as it can be far too sensitive right off the bat and she needs to be pretty turned on before you can do that.

When she’s aroused the tissue of the g spot will swell as blood flows to that region, which will actually make it easier to find.  Once she’s plenty wet you can assemble the troops and go in. Just remember this : The G spot not actually in the v, it’s stimulated through the v wall. Ok, let’s get to it.

You can get at the G spot from 2 basic positions: her on her back, or her on all fours, either way the technique is the same.  You will want to use a “come here” motion where you curl your finger up and towards yourself.  Start slow and gradually increase speed and pressure.  Generally speaking, you need to be more aggressive in stimulating the G spot – remember it’s located on the other side of the vaginal wall. Don’t be scared to put some muscle behind it- just take it easy at first, Hulk, we’re not trying to hurt anyone here.

If you’re having a hard time telling where exactly to apply pressure, start with longer strokes on the area, and gradually read her body language or ask her where it feels best, then focus your attention on that area.  She may breath more heavily or even grip you tightly as you begin to hone in on her spot.  Take notes and pay attention.  Start with one finger (middle) and gradually introduce your ring finger as she gets more aroused.  Unless you’re a rock climber, a guitar player, or a contestant on Ninja Warrior, you’ll notice that your forearm muscles will get fatigued pretty damn quick.  It happens to a lot of people.  If you need to take a break but don’t want to stop stimulating her, use the following trick:

Instead of using the “come here” motion, lock your fingers in a curved position and move your entire hand in an up and down motion, perpendicular to her body (this only works when she’s on her back, btw).  By using this trick you’re using your arm muscles more versus your forearm.  Once the burning in your forearm goes away you can return to the “come here” motion, unless of course she’s digging the up and down thing more, in which case just do whatever you think she’s enjoying. 

Confusing?  Check out this kick ass diagram and get metal with it:


If you’re REALLY ready to step up your G spot game, check out a move called the Venus Butterfly Variation here. (insert link to post).

Cool – so now you can find and work the G spot manually – you have just leveled up your sex game considerably – seriously you’re kind of a big deal now. But why stop there? Let’s talk about how to work that thing during sex. Onward!

Positions for hitting the G spot during sex:

In general, positions where you enter her from behind are going to be more successful at hitting her G spot, though to what extent will depend on the shape of your penis. If you’re rocking a 90 degree angle to the left, I dunno man, you’re going to have to improvise a little. But as long as you know where it is to begin with, you can accommodate any curvature.

Another great position (maybe even better than doggy) at targeting the G spot is to have her on top.  You can use your hips from this position to angle your penis such that it isn’t going straight up into her vagina, but rather is pointing at a smaller angle and targeting the front portion of her vaginal wall. To do this, you’re going to want to have your feet flat on the bed and use them to lift your butt slightly. Doing this will change the angle of your penis and allow you to get at her G spot. The key here is that her hips need to move back and forth, as opposed to the traditional “bouncing” motion of up and down. Once you have the angle locked in, grab her hips and encourage the front to back, back and forth motion. She’ll quickly take the lead from you.

G spot toys

Bonus Tip: If you really want to be a rockstar at working her G spot, work on conditioning and strengthening your forearms. Use hand exercise balls such as (this one), or a grip strengthener (like this) to make sure you don’t get too tired and need to stop just as things are getting good.

Any questions, hit me up at Jax@BeastInBed.com



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